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Here you can find the full archive of reports released by the company. If you would like to recieve a hard copy of any of our publications, please send an email with your details to or call us on 01274 736 223.

Profx Form FY19 Instructions

Please find a copy of the proxy form if required. Where possible, we would encourage you to submit your vote electronically.

Once printed, please complete your proxy form in the usual way in accordance with the instructions thereon, however, please ensure you also add your full name, post code and shareholder reference number if known. Once completed and signed, please scan or take a picture of your proxy form and e-mail this to

To be valid, your proxy instruction must be received by Equiniti by no later than 2pm on 26 June 2020.

Please remember that if you are the beneficial owner of shares who has been nominated by a registered holder to enjoy information rights, in order to vote you must contact the registered holder of the shares i.e. the nominee or custodian who looks after your shares on your behalf.

Proxy Form FY20

27 May 2021

Notice of Meeting FY20

27 May 2021

Proxy Form FY19

01 June 2020

Notice of Meeting FY19

01 June 2020

Proxy Form FY18

17 May 2019

Notice of Meeting FY18

17 May 2019

Proxy Form FY17

21 May 2018

Notice of Meeting FY17

21 May 2018

Proxy Form FY16

22 July 2017

Notice of Meeting FY16

22 July 2017

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